Here are samples of feedback from other clients:

" ... Your genuine compassion, exceptional communication skills and your impressive knowledge of our humanness, enabled me to separate Fact from Fiction and Tale from Trauma as I revisited the " Less Traveled" memories of my past 67 years! ! You have transformed my tears into smiles and my doubts into convictions.....and I shall remain grateful to you for ever."
N. Beller, Ph.D, PA-C

"Thanks coach for showing me the way forward and helping me realize what’s important in this life, as well as providing the tools to make that transition a pleasant journey. … Forever grateful."
John T.
"It has been a fascinating experience working with you!  In the space of a few weeks, I have gained a deep respect both for the science and for your abilities as a practitioner."
Dianne E.

"Kevin agreed to help and was very successful. ... We feel that Kevin's work was pivotal in establishing a turning point in Jo Ed's life that will forever benefit him. ... We have the highest praise for Kevin"
Tom & Mona S.

"I felt hopeless and that I would not ever be able to do anything different in my life. ... I know what powerlessness feels like in its worst formation. ... I discovered after speaking with you at the first visit, that I had found a compassionate friend who was very concerned and really desired to help me. ... I discovered so much more."

"You are an excellent communicator and teacher. I acknowledge you for being committed to your professionalism and working toward tangible results as quickly as possible.  ... I was quite amazed that one 20-minute session would be so totally effective. … I now wonder why this is such a well-kept secret.  … My wife had the same great results.  … We have both nearly forgotten that we used to struggle with symptoms for years before we met you."
David K.

"For me, NLP was a powerful tool to remove the fear and helplessness that I felt about this condition.  With your skill (and your intuitive abilities), I have been able to take the charge off my interpretation of life events that had me convinced of my powerlessness over my emotional state."

"I was very skeptical on my initial consultation with you. The techniques I have learned through NLP have changed the course of any area of my life that I am having trouble with"
Michale E.

"I can't believe that one session with you took care of all this!"

"I never thought I could go out and enjoy outdoors in spring time ever again, but it has changed since I had those miraculous two sessions before spring of 2006 with you."

"...I will always be more than grateful for the light you offered in my darkest hour."